Video: The LAPD's Chevrolet Caprice PPV

This new video review of the Chevrolet Caprice PPV (Police Patrol Vehicle) gives us our best insight yet into the Australian-made US cop car.
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Produced by US automotive publication Translogic, the film gives us a behind the scenes look at a Holden-sourced Caprice PPV that has joined the fleet at the Los Angeles Police Department.

The clip details some of the Caprice’s highlights, including an infrared camera so sensitive that it can pick up suspects’ footprints, a licence plate reader that alerts officers of vehicles of interest, specially designed seats with cut-outs for officers’ guns and radios to enhance comfort, as well as cut-outs in the back seats for handcuffed passengers.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department recently put the Chevrolet Caprice through its paces in a series of tests. Up against 13 other vehicles, the Caprice was ranked outright best or equal-best in the high-speed dynamics evaluation, standard vehicle dynamics test, braking test and overall fuel efficiency.

Law enforcement agencies across the US are currently placing their orders for the vehicle, which is built at Holden’s South Australian production facility in Elizabeth.