According to various international reports, BMW is working on releasing a BMW X3 M, a smaller version of the BMW X5 M. Rumour has it that it will feature an all-new triple-turbo 3.2-litre six-cylinder engine, which might also be shared with the next-generation BMW M3.
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Although details are very sketchy at this stage, according to "well-placed" sources from BMW contacted by Car Magazine in the UK, BMW is planning on releasing an X3 M in 2012. The report says it could feature a new triple-turbo straight-six engine producing around 335kW of power.

It's generally regarded that fitting a turbocharger system to an engine is great for efficiency, but surely three of them is going a little too far? The weight of them alone could seriously hinder the efficiency benefits.

Word has it the engine itself won't house all three turbochargers though, apparently, two of them will be mounted on the exhaust in the traditional fashion, while the third one will be an all-electric item. If it is true, it'll be the first mainstream production vehicle fitted with an electric turbocharger.

It's understood BMW M division is currently working with four different engine platforms, with this being one of them. The one that is most suitable is then said to power both the new BMW X3 M and the next-generation BMW M3 later down the track, albeit with some revisions.

As mentioned, they are all just rumours at this early stage. We'll be sure to keep you updated on official word when we can.