Some details have surfaced on the web surrounding BMW's upcoming city car, the BMW i3 MegaCity. It seems the car will remain rear-wheel drive and be powered only by electric motors mounted under the floor.
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According to a recent report by Car & Driver, the four-seat BMW i3 will be powered by an electric motor producing around 110kW of power, providing a top speed of 160km/h - not bad for a super mini. A full-charge range will be around 257km.

Even though 110kW doesn't sound like much, the BMW i3 will be predominately constructed of carbon fibre, particularly the passenger cell. Other major components of the car will be built upon BMW's LifeDrive architecture consisting of an aluminium chassis. No word on the official weight has been announced yet, but expect it to tip the scales at under 1000kg.

BMW plans to produce 40,000 BMW i3s per year and will build them at the company's production plant in Leipzig in Germany. It will also be built alongside the new BMW i8 vehicle based on the EfficientDynamics concept.

The BMW i3 MegaCity will go on sale some time in 2013. Reports say it will have a price tag of around US$35,000.