The Formulec EF01 can accelerate from 0-100km/h in less than 3 seconds and as such, is the word’s fastest single seat racecar in the world, as it currently stands.
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We have a few more details about the car:

•Maximum speed – 260km/h
•Race autonomy (time on track from one charge) – 20-25 minutes depending on the track length and design
•Gearbox: 2 speeds
•Time in qualifying lap – close to a Formula 3 car
•Time of recharge – between 1 and 1 ½ hours

Key technical partners in the Formulec project are as follows:

SEGULA Matra Technologies: Provides the general technical co-ordination for the EF01 single-seater

MERCEDES GP PETRONAS Formula One Team has produced the prototype car

SIEMENS supplies the two electric motors for the EF01

SAFT and its experience in aeronautics, defence and space batteries has developed the special battery system for the EF01

MICHELIN has developed all-new energy-saving tyres for the EF01 that can handle the power and torque loads

ART Grand Prix is the most successful team in GP2, GP3, and Formula 3 Euroseries and is involved in developing and operating the EF01

HEWLAND developed the unique two-speed transmission system for the car and is a leading supplier of gearboxes for motor racing

OZ supplies the rims for the Michelin tyres

Stand 21 made the driver’s race suit for the EF01

2D measurement systems distributed by SIGMALIS for measurements and telemetry

There is no question that the Formulec electric racecar is the product of many of the world’s most advance technology companies given the list of partners in the various technology fields.

Throughout 2011, Formulec will prove to all it’s real level of performance on various race tracks around the world before a Formulec world series comprising ten events will be launched in 2012.

The series will continue in 2013 and open up to all carmakers that have developed an electric single seater, which conform to certain regulations.

Let’s hope the technology that Formulec have harnessed from all it’s technology partners advances the idea of a proper electric sports cars for the road, if we are going down that path, which looks unavoidable at this point.