Toyota FT-86 or Subaru version?

Our spymasters at the Nurburgring have snapped more pics of the FT-86 RWD sports car, but this time, it’s fitted with a whopping great rear spoiler that looks similar to that on the current Subaru STi. Could this be the Subaru version or a more focused version of Toyota’s FT-86?
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We’re hoping it’s an FT-86 with the engine from the WRX, or better still, the quicker STi. Either way, the excitement is building a long way out from the car’s late 2012 /2013 launch in Australia.

Toyota will show the car at this year’s Australian International Motor Show in Melbourne from July 1, which is certain to be one of this year’s big crowd pullers.

It’s been a long time between drinks for a genuine Toyota sports car that falls into the affordable basket, but the FT-86 could easily silence the critics. Expect a whole new model range of RWD performance cars from the world’s most successful carmaker.

We’re not sure what the Subaru version will look like, or whether or not they choose to develop an AWD variant of the platform. What we do know is that it is most unlikely that Subaru Australia will want to sell a RWD model in Australia.

More updates as they come in.