A recent Nurburgring video has just surfaced on the web which shows how unpredictable the famous Nurburgring circuit can be during tourist drive hours. This Lotus Exige hits a patch of oil unseen by the driver, causing the car to slide and impact with a barrier at high speed.
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Reports say the driver was travelling at around 150-170km/h at the time hitting the spill. The Lotus then slides sideways for a considerable distance before violently impacting with the guard rail, actuating the driver and passenger airbags.

Luckily, the driver seems to have escaped the accident without any serious injury and even gets out of the car and walks away. It just goes to show how unpredictable the track can be, and reminds us why it is known as one of the most demanding race tracks in the world.

Normally, smaller venues have marshalls around the circuit, but since the Nurburgring is over 20km long, and open to the public on most weekends and weekday afternoons during season, it's only a matter a time before an engine decides to let go and drop oil.

Check out the incredible footage below.