BMW has been testing the upcoming 2012 BMW M6 convertible and has been caught again out on public streets. This time the test mule reveals more detail than ever, wearing minimal disorienting patches.
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These images show more of the headlights, taillights and the rear end of the new car compared with previous shots. The entire rear end is almost completely revealed, showcasing the new 6 Series design. The new model will offer a lower profile and waistline compared with the old M6, particularly at the rear where the old model used to rise up like a wedge.

It looks like the next-gen M6 will be a rather more handsome brute compared with the previous model too, featuring aggressive front and rear bumper bars, prominent hips and rear wheel arches, new deep-dish alloy wheels and the stunning new 6 Series bodywork.

BMW is expected to unveil the car in full sometime next year, and then hit showrooms in 2013.

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