Citroen is reportedly working on a convertible version of the Citroen DS3, in what would be a further individualisation of the bespoke French sub-brand.
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Numerous reports suggest the vehicle will be called the Citroen DS3 Airflow and will hit the market in the first half of 2013.

The rendered images by Thoephilus Chin give an impression of what a drop-top DS3 would look like.

There are rumours that the DS3 Airflow will adopt a semi-convertible construction, similar to the Fiat 500C.

The Fiat maintains its door frames, with just the roof panel removed and replaced by a canvas cover.

Creating the DS3 Airflow in the mould of the 500C would take significantly more design work, however, as the base hatchback has a unique ‘floating’ B-pillar and a disguised rear C-pillar, and no well-defined roof borders.

The DS3 Airflow would effectively be a born-again C3 Pluriel – a quirky convertible that was produced by the French manufacturer between 2003 and 2010.

Citroen representatives are yet to confirm the rumours of the DS3 Airflow, admitting that their focus is currently on establishing the DS3 hatch, DS4 and upcoming DS5 brands.