World’s Fastest Electric Racing Car

This is the world’s first electric Formula Car. It also happens to be the world’s fastest electric racing car.
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This is no hybrid, or some kind of extended range petrol electric project – it’s the real deal and it's powered solely by electricity.

Right about now, you’ll probably be thinking, OK but it’s not that quick is it, or there’s some excuse as to why we can’t compare it to the current line-up of petrol powered formula race cars.

That line of thinking has no place with the two French companies, FCI and Formulec, who have gathered a team of people and companies from the world of Formula One, to realise this astonishing project.

It’s performance is mind blowing, with acceleration from 0-100km/h is a remarkable 3-seconds, with a top speed of 250km/h.

FCI’s expertise is in the area of connectors, and the car’s interconnection system uses FCI’s hi-performance connector, the RCS800 to transmit power from the battery to the electric engine in an ultra compact solution.

President of Formulec Eric Barbaroux says,

“As the Formulec project grows and gains resonance amongst political authorities and the public, we are very happy that FCI accepted to join in. FCI’s technological background makes them a valuable partner to support us in pushing our car’s limits. Together, we spearhead the path to a greener future in motorsport.”

A similar mindset also exits at FCI, as stated by GM and VP Liam Butterworth, when he said,

“The Formulec project perfectly matches our vision of what innovation should be. Just like Formulec, FCI develops technological breakthroughs that will become the reference for standard applications in the near future.”

The Electric Formula Car will spend the remainder of 2011 touring the world at numerous events and showcases, while in 2012, Formulec intends to set up the first full electric single- seater races.