It seems the wheels have fallen off Queenland Premier Anna Bligh's transport department. Thieves have stolen all four wheels off Ms Bligh's limousine while it was parked outside her driver's house in Brisbane, Queensland.
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The incident was reported to police early in the morning, just before Ms Bligh was meant to be taken to the flood-damaged town of Grantham.

Police weren't able to confirm if the car was targeted or if it was simply a coincidence. Either way, an insurance claim has been lodged for replacement of the wheels. The wheels were valued at $3000.

A spokesman for the Premier has confirmed the theft of the wheels, saying,

"On the evening of April 29, the Premier's vehicle was parked in the yard of her driver's house. At approximately 2am the wheels were stolen."

The Premier still made the appointment at Grantham through backup transport.