Lamborghini has only just launched its new flagship supercar and Oakley Design has already come up with a tuning package for it. Called the Lamborghini Aventdor LP760-2, the car receives various engine and cosmetic revisions.
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Avid readers will recognise the alteration of the '2' at the end of the Aventador headline, giving away a clue to the car's driveline change. In standard form the Aventador is four-wheel drive, but Oakley Design thought it needed a bit more excitement so the LP700 has been converted to rear-drive.

In standard form, the Aventador produces 515kW of power (700hp) and 690Nm of torque. Again, Oakley snubbed its nose at the standard specifications and went to work on extracting a further 52kW out of the 6.5-litre V12. The special edition produces a total of 567kW (750hp) and 745Nm. Oakley achieved this through the use of a new freer-flowing exhaust and a retuned engine computer.

On the outside, Oakley Design wasn't quite content with the look of the Aventador either so it added some new front and rear skirts, carbon fibre trimming pieces including new engine scoops behind the doors, and all-new side sills with vents. Special lightweight HRE forged alloy wheels wearing 255/35ZR19 Pirelli PZero tyres on the front and 355/30ZR20 on the rear complete the package.

Just five Oakley Design Lamborghini Aventador LP760-2 vehicles will go on sale, with three of them already accounted for. Oakley Design will sell the parts separately however, to anyone who is already bored with the idea of a standard Aventador.