11/05/11 Update: Added more spy photos of the new BMW M5 to gallery below
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"The spectacular start leaves behind a trail of black rubber on the pavement and a smile on the face of the driver." If you were ever concerned about the upcoming BMW M5's personality and thought it might be a bit too watered down for driving enthusiasts, think again.

BMW has just released a preview video of the new M5 being tested to the limits on BMW's private test track in France. This is the first time we've ever been able to witness the car put through its paces on a track. It's also the first time we get a proper taste of what the new car might sound like.

Judging from the tone of the video alone, it looks like BMW is very serious about maintaining that driver involvement all BMW M cars have been known to showcase.

With phrases that read:

"A smokey burnout like this might not play a part in everyday driving, but it has to be part of the testing..."

...it's almost certain the new M5 will be a true driver's package.

Albert Biermann, Vice President of Engineering at BMW M, spoke about what sort of aspects BMW M engineers had to consider while developing the new car.

"The number one goal of the new M5 is to create an even more exciting driving experience. It has to be faster on the race track, and we have proven already that we are faster than the predecessor."

He adds,

"We wanted to provide a wider range of driving experience, from quite convenient and comfortable, to really, extensively sporty, like a real sports car, on a race track. And that's what it is."

He also says that, at the same time, the new car has been developed to offer a higher level of comfort. Take a look at the recently released video below for more details.