New fuel labels for new cars

The fuel sticker/label used on new vehicles was replaced from the beginning of this month with a new design. The outgoing stickers (right) only showed the average fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of the car while the new one will carry more info.
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Following in the footsteps of our American friends, the new labels will display both the urban and extra urban, or city driving and highway driving fuel ratings.

The label will continue to display the C02 emissions for the combined fuel cycle.

New fuel labels for new carsThe reason for the change has been due to the vast differences between city and highway fuel ratings, with some cars using 8L less fuel per 100km on the highway compared to the city.

Research shows that on average, drivers will spend 40km on city roads and 60km on the highway per 100km of driving. The Department of Transport and Regional Services, which instigated the change, is also considering adding a star rating similar to ones you'll find on a new fridge or dishwasher.

The aim is to inform the buyer as to how good/bad a new car is for the environment.

Currently the star rating was not implemented with the recent change due to the possibility of confusing the consumers, but it may be introduced in the future.