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Although we’ve already seen leaked images of the Alfa Romeo Mi.To before, the Italian manufacturer is still keeping the covers on as it begins testing the car on public roads.

Our European photographers were ready as always and snapped up these photos near Alfa Romeo’s test centre. While Alfa has not set a foot wrong in terms of exterior designs in the last few years, it’s lacking a serious hothatch, which the Mi.To should deliver.

Alfa Romeo Mi.To spy photos

In case you’re interested, the Mi.To name comes from the shortcuts used for Milan (Mi) and Torino (To), the two hometowns of the manufacturer.

Alfa Romeo Mi.To spy photos

The Mi.To is expected in European dealers later in the year and will take on the lovable but aging MINI Cooper and the upcoming Audi A1.

Alfa Romeo Mi.To spy photos

While it’s based on the Fiat Grande Punto, the Mi.To will have some serious firepower. Petrol engines will range from 90kW to 170kW and they will join a range of diesel units.