A few months ago, Porsche announced that it was planning to introduce a new model every year until 2018. Reports are now circulating that suggest a new Porsche 961 might be one of those new models. The 961 would sit between the top-spec 911 GT2 and the awesome new 918 RSR.
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According to German motoring publication Auto Bild, the new car will present a coupe layout similar in design to the 918 RSR Coupe. The most interesting part of the car is the proposed engine which is said to be an all-new rear-drive V8 unit, producing up to 441kW of power.

This would put it ahead of the company's pinnacle model, the upcoming 918, in terms of power, as the 918 only gets a 414kW V8 (with additional power provided by electric motors). The 961 is said to be mid-engined as well, effectively making it a seriously hotted up version of the Porsche Cayman.

Details haven't been confirmed yet by Porsche, but considering the company's plans, the 961 sounds pretty much on the mark. Porsche CEO, Matthias Mueller, previously commented on such a model taking a position between the GT2 and the 918, saying,

"Between the two there is still a gap where Italian competitors are currently very active. We are investigating that as an in-house project. We will make a decision by the middle of the year."

We'll keep you updated on any details that come about and provide information on the mid-year decision. Stay tuned.