Only a year or two back General Motors was thinking of introducing their Luxury Cadillac brand to Australia, and that still might happen in the future as the brand continues to expand its model range.
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As far as concepts go, the one that caught my eye at this year’s New York Auto Show was the diminutive Cadillac Urban – a luxury concept for big cities like New York, Paris or London, where parking is a at a premium and space is tight.

The Concept seats four, and access is made easy by scissor doors that rotate outward and forward when opened. It’s not an all-out electric car, but rather, power comes from a turbocharged 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine with electric assist, stop/start technology, brake energy regeneration, and a dry dual-clutch transmission.

Fuel consumption is said to be around 3.62L/100km on the highway and 4.2L/100km in the city.