According to a recent report by Autocar in the UK, Ferrari will be taking much of the Bugatti Veyron's incredible feats on board as inspiration for the release of the upcoming Ferrari Enzo replacement.
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(Concept image above from Millechili Project - research team behind the F70 project, conducted at the University of Modena, Italy)

It's been almost ten years since Ferrari unveiled the awesome Ferrari Enzo at the Paris Motor Show in 2002, a special edition hypercar created to celebrate the anniversary of the company which officially started in 1947. It replaced the previous Ferrari F50 and before that, the Ferrari F40. Now, it's almost time to get ready for another 'F-anniversary' installment.

According reports, the next milestone model, which has already been nicknamed the Ferrari F70, will take plenty of inspiration from the famously fast Bugatti Veyron. Ferrari sources have apparently told Autocar that,

"The world is a very different place to how it was when the Enzo was launched. It has moved on completely. And we are Ferrari – we do not take part to make up the numbers."

This could mean the next model will be quite a lot more serious in the engine department, with reports saying it will be equipped with a direct-injection twin-turbocharged V8. Power figures are yet to be speculated but reports say the car will feature a very lightweight body which is likely to assist in keeping the car's total weight below 1000kg.

The car will also feature a number of 'active aerodynamic' features which will guide air through, under and over the body for optimum downforce and efficiency - much like the company's Formula One car technology.

Could we see a 1000hp (746kW) Ferrari in the making here? Only time will tell. The Ferrari Enzo replacement, or Ferrari F70, is expected to show it's face some time in 2012/2013. We'll keep you updated.