Nissan has unveiled its all-new Nissan Compact Sport Concept at Auto Shanghai 2011 motor show in China. The car was created under both Nissan global design headquarters in Japan and Nissan's Beijing design studio in China.
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Nissan says this little sporty hatch was designed for "young customers in emerging countries", and presents very futuristic styling, an interior layout like a spacecraft and a relatively sporty driveline package.

Under the bonnet of the new Compact Sport Concept features a poky 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine outputting a 142kW of power. Next to this is a CVT automatic transmission that also comes with a special feature which allows users to select a six-speed auto-shift mode.

Inside, the car is detailed in various, almost-psychedelic, electronic elements and bubbly white contours. The instrument cluster is setup in a range of overlapping layered ovals which provide the usual information, but centered inside these is a cool LCD screen showing sat-nav and external car details.

The car is thought to be based on the Nissan Micra only every aspect has been garnished in an ultra-modern way. The 'receding' windscreen and roofline for instance, the slimline side mirrors and the double grille layout with the pronounced upper lip.

An interesting concept overall that is unlikely to ever hit the market. Aspects of the car could however make their way into showroom models in the future.