Video: BMW M5 Concept customer presentation

BMW has released yet another preview video of the new BMW M5 Concept which builds even more anticipation ahead of the production car's unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. BMW M selected just six lucky customers from around the world and invited them to a very unique presentation of the concept car.
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Remember early in March when BMW M president Dr Kay Segler asked fans to register on It seems this is where registering will get you. Although the selected customers didn't get the chance to drive the new M5 Concept, they were invited to meet the Concept first-hand and be the first to listen in on certain details and plans for the new M5 as explained by Dr Segler himself.

The six customers were also given special access to BMW M's secret underground car park which is filled with all kinds of BMW M machinery. An example of almost every BMW M model ever produced is stored in the garage, along with various one-off special editions. These include an E36 and E46 BMW M3 wagon, an E39 BMW M5 wagon and convertible, and a CSL convertible version of the E46 M3.

Lucy McLellan from BMW Australia told CarAdvice earlier today that the 2012 BMW M5 will arrive in Australia in the first quarter of next year. We look forward to bringing you a full review of the car once it arrives.