UK supercar driver job advertised online

If your penchant for speed hasn't been cured by run-of-the-mill cars, may we suggest you apply to Repairacar in the UK for employment.
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The company, which specialises in vehicle maintenance and repairs, has advertised for a supercar delivery driver to collect or drop off vehicles to the customer. In fact, the job description lists "safe transportation of vehicles & clients to and from various destinations and to assist clients on entry and exit from vehicles as necessary."

The job entails one way travel most of the time, and would require catching public transportation back home when necessary, but you'll be re-imbursed for your travels.

But don't think you can put in your application which will automatically guarantee you getting behind the wheel of the latest Fezza, Lambo or Bugatti.You'll need at least ten years of experience driving high performance vehicles.

The ad goes on to say that "Excellent customer service skills are essential for the role, and personal responsibility for ensuring customers have a positive experience with the service will be held by the successful candidate."

If you're interested in applying (or indeed, dreaming) then click here. Good luck.