Nissan Denki Cube concept

Nissan might be regretting its lack of hybrid cars, having seen its two major rivals gain much credibility with their hybrid programs, but the company has moved on to electric cars, such as the Denki Cube.
Nissan Denki Cube concept
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Better known simply as 'the cube', it's currently on display at the New York auto show. The car is based on the standard Cube which is already on sale in Japan, only this concept is Denki, which is Japanese for electric.

Using an electric motor charged by lithium ion batteries stored under the floor panels, the Denki Cube is about as odd as it will get.

Nissan says the car has an "electric-themed" grille which has a charging port in the front, and wraparound glass and hidden taillights in the rear. Seriously, where are the taillights?

Nissan Denki Cube concept

The concept shows what the potential production version, which is expected in 2009, could look like.

Given the electric motor, the Denki Cube has grown by nearly 24cm to accommodate the the batteries.

Nissan Denki Cube concept

Nissan is currently working on a ‘Green Program 2010’ project which will see the Japanese manufacturer put emphasis on reducing CO2 and exhaust emissions as well as improving and speeding up recycling efforts.

Additionally, the company plans to launch an all-electric car as well as a petrol-powered car capable of achieving 3.0L/100km before the end of the decade.