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by George Skentzos

Since the LRX concept made its official debut, the immediate consensus had been that Land Rover needed to put this car into production.

Now not only has a production model been approved, but early reports indicate it will resemble the concept as much as possible – including the interior.

Land Rover aim to keep LRX interior

Typically, a concept will sport an exaggerated interior merely to showcase a brand’s capabilities and is then quickly discarded as the production model is developed.

Land Rover aim to keep LRX interior

However when the production LRX arrives in 2010, Land Rover hope to leave the concept’s dramatic interior intact along with the exterior of the car.

 Land Rover aim to keep LRX interior

Whilst the bold brown hues of the concept may seem a bit over the top, a quick artists impression utilising a far more neutral colour reveal the surprisingly attractive potential of the concept’s original interior.