Ford's latest, second-generation SYNC systems called MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch are off to a stuttering start it seems. Currently fitted to selected US vehicles, the interactive touch screen interface is designed to allow users to toggle between satellite navigation, in-car entertainment and phone settings in one big browser screen. Crashing and blank screens have already been reported.
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According to US reports, users may experience crashes causing the system to either restart or show a blank screen. If the system does restart, apparently all of the running inputs, such as navigation information and song indexing, are lost. The restart is also said to take up to two or three minutes.

One such incident in the US was a user who reported the volume on the system was permanently set to the maximum level while the air-conditioning fan was set on full at its coldest setting. Ford product development engineer, Mounir Hider, has since responded to the questionable integrity of the system, saying in a recent report that the system runs into trouble when too many applications are run at the same time. He said,

"If the pulse of one of these applications goes haywire, in order maintain system stability, we reset that application by resetting the entire software to come back to a 'known good state,' similar to how you reset your phone or computer."

Mr Hider added,

"There are certain events that will trigger these reboots. Mainly it's when things get out of sync with each other."

Ford Australia does not currently sell any models equipped with the MyFord Touch system.