Ford Australia Mad Max 4 Interceptor concepts

Ford Australia’s designers have developed two new Ford Interceptor concepts to celebrate the revival of the Mad Max film franchise.
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Ford’s Melbourne-based Asia, Pacific and Australia design director, Chris Svensson, said the design team at Ford Australia’s Research Centre thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to develop a modern take on the famous Ford XB coupe Interceptor, which debuted on the big screen in 1979.

“Our entire team was very excited to be involved in this after-hours project and they approached it with a great deal of enthusiasm – even those that were too young to remember the first Mad Max movie," Mr Svensson said.“We had a special screening of the original movie so they could understand it.”

The two top designs were penned by Ford’s Nima Nourian and Simon Brook.

Nourian’s concept pays homage to the original Interceptor, but also steps into the future with an ‘industrial strength taser’ buzzing away at the front.

Brook’s Interceptor claims to take styling cues from the current FG Falcon and features sharp wheel spokes that are designed to tear apart other vehicles.

A public vote will decide which vehicle is produced. It will first be turned into a clay model and then built to scale before the end of the year.

The vehicle will not be the star of the tentatively titled Mad Max 4: Fury Road, however, with filming already underway with another vehicle.

The concept is a collaboration between Ford Australia and local automotive publication, Top Gear.

Which design do you think best revives the Interceptor for the 21