Tesla Roadster owners around the world are said to have collectively just clocked over 10 million miles, or around 16 million kilometres. This was all achieved by 1500 Roadster vehicles that have been sold since its launch in 2008, spread across 30 countries.
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It could been seen as proof that the electric vehicle is a reliable and feasible means of transport for the future. Reports say the 16 million kilometres clocked up could be calculated as a total emissions saving of up to 2.4 million kilograms of CO2 which would have otherwise been exhausted through normal petrol cars. (Although the figure is just as a guide, it's a saving nonetheless.)

Reports have also hypothetically calculated that these Roadsters have saved, potentially, around 1,892,705 litres of petrol from being burnt. This is thanks to the Tesla Roadster's fully electric powertrain which offers a range of around 395km per charge. The Roadster can then be recharged in around 3.5 hours using a high-power outlet.

Tesla Motors CEO and founder Elon Musk spoke about achievement in a recent report, saying,

"The Roadster has proven to the world that electric cars can be incredibly fun, and practical. Most importantly, these vehicles have provided Tesla with a real-world test fleet that allows us to stay on the cutting edge of electric powertrain engineering and technology."

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