Subaru Performance Handbook

As a current WRX owner, the acronyms "MRT" are very very familiar, for those who prefer to read it as MR T, they are welcome to click here, for the rest of us, today is a great day as MRT's New Performance 'Bible' Is Ready!
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If your Subaru is your passion, the latest edition of a specialist tuning guide will be a must-have for the book shelf - and the workshop. Now known as Subaru Performance Handbook, this valuable resource was first published as Training WRX in 1999, an amusing, easy-to-read and highly informative tool for anyone who owned or intended to own a Subaru.

It was put together by Nick Warne, Brett Middleton and Steve Bijok from MRT Performance, the Sydney-based company synonymous with getting the best out of Subaru models. Training WRX became an absolute winner, so the MRT team updated it in 2001 into a bigger format with more information (Edition Two). Now, tripled in content, it's in its third edition.

"We believe it provides a wealth of general information about the Subaru range - with a focus on the Impreza models - and ways of improving it," says MRT's CEO, Brett Middleton."It doesn't matter whether the owner is a 'rookie' on a limited budget or a long-term enthusiast who is constantly looking for the next 'hard-core' upgrade, the information they need to know is in Subaru Performance Handbook."Some might think that publishing such a book would be bad for business but I believe it enhances it. After all, it's another way of sharing the passion! There is no other book available in the world that includes such detailed data, nor even comes close," Mr Middleton says.

Subaru Performance Handbook is primarily aimed at the enthusiast who plans to model his or her car for use on the street or the occasional run around a track. It is not intended to be a guide for vehicle preparation for serious motorsport.

Subjects covered include general maintenance, suspension, brakes, intake and exhaust, engine management, turbochargers and intercoolers, drive train and wheels and tyres.

The information comes from years of personal and professional experience of the author (Steve Bijok) and all the team at MRT Performance. It's easy to read and backed by photos, cartoons and graphics which clarify the advice being given.

It is an exhaustive - but not exhausting - compilation of really useful information for any Subaru owner keen to make their car a cut above the rest but, importantly, while encouraging readers to have fun, the authors also emphasise the need for commonsense and responsibility.

Subaru Performance Handbook is available on-line through the MRT website ($76.32) and at specialist motoring bookshops.