Toyota hybrid production resumes in Japan

Toyota will resume production of the Toyota Prius, Lexus CT 200h and the HS 250h in Japan on March 28 as the Earthquake recovery continues. The Prius is built at Toyota's Tsutsumi plant while the Lexus models are built at Toyota Motor Kyushu.
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While Toyota parts supplies are being affected by the earthquake, Toyota Australia says production of its vehicles are not affected by the earthquake at the moment and production at the Altona plant in Victoria is continuing as usual.

Toyota Motor Corp. says other vehicles that are produced in Japan are still under assessment as it figures out if parts can be supplied.

In the meantime, a number of big automotive manufacturers have donated millions of dollars to aid recovery, including; BMW (1 million euro/$1,389,920), Hyundai Australia ($1.21 million), Mitsubishi Motors (30 million yen/$363,275), Honda (300 million yen/$3,632,670), Mazda (30 million yen/$363,275), Volkswagen and Audi (1 million euro/$1,389,870 each) and Porsche AG (500,000 euro/$694,947).