Lamborghini Estoque Shooting Brake rendering

As talks of Lamborghini bringing out a four-door sedan become more and more realistic, Car and Driver in the US have come up with a rendering of what a shooting brake-style Lamborghini would look like using the Lamborghini Estoque Concept as a base.
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Lamborghini has practically confirmed that the company will be releasing a four-door sedan which will be based on the Lamborghini Estoque concept, with reports slating a release date of 2014. A wagon version, or shooting brake was rendered up to see what a Lamborghini would look like if it were to ever go head to head against the Ferrari FF wagon.

A Lamborghini wagon though, what do you think? We think it looks cool, because in general wagon versions of sports cars are cool. But on the other hand, it's a Lamborghini; a supercar maker with a heritage of producing bright yellow paint, scissor doors and anything but conventional family wagons.