Lexus has revealed that it will be unveiling an all-new luxury sedan concept car at this year's New York motor show. The concept will showcase a new design language which is said to preview the next-generation Lexus GS-series sedan.
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Limited details of the car have been released although the Lexus Twitter account has previously tweeted 'LF-Gh: LF = Lexus Future. h = hybrid. G = ......'. This will mean the new GS and indeed the LF-Gh will use hybrid technology.

As far as dimensions for the 2012 GS go, reports say the new Lexus will use a stretched platform giving it a longer wheelbase than the current model. The track measurements of the new model are also said to be wider than the existing sedan. Meanwhile the car will use new running gear but share a similar engine package of the current model, although the V6 engine size is said to be expanded to 4.0 litres.

The Lexus LF-Gh Concept will be unveiled on April 19 at the New York motor show. We'll have to wait and see to know the full details and what we can expect to see on the upcoming Lexus GS, stay tuned.