The King of Japanese Supercars is back! Its always a beautiful sight when I see a Honda NSX on the road here in Brisbane as they are just so rare. Honda gave up on the NSX for a while, and simply let it be.
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However with Honda's success in F1 and its growing popularity, Honda is focussed on the development of a new NSX set for launch in 2008.

The biggest complaint with the NSX was always "where is the power", current models are powered by a 3.0 or 3.2 Litre six cylinder engine, but good news! The 2008 NSX is set to come with a 4.5 Liter V10 and a 3.6 V6.

The V10 is sure to confirms the NSXs place as a true supercar, whilst the V6 will be a nice compromise for the faint hearted. What else can get better? How does AWD sound? Yep, the new NSX is set to come with AWD technology.

"This new sports car will be the first of a new generation" said the director of Honda, Takeo Fukui.

I couldn't agree more! Bring on the new NSX!