Lexus has shown that it is tuned in to its customers and confident in the quality of its products by replying to a YouTube video that questioned the famous glass-balancing ability of the LS model.
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Lexus owner Jeff from Arizona, USA, attempted to recreate the Lexus LS 400 video from 1990 with his new Lexus LS 460.

In the old commercial, the LS 400 balances 15 champagne glasses on its bonnet while travelling at 233km/h on a dynamometer.

In his attempt, which was posted online late last month, Jeff placed nine champagne glasses on the bonnet and they toppled over as he revved the engine high in the range.

Jeff’s conclusion:

“I highly doubt whether that commercial was accurate. I think the glasses might have been glued together or something like that.”

Lexus responded over the weekend with a more accurate recreation of the commercial over the weekend, admitting that the key was to level the bonnet and find 15 good glasses.

Lexus’ engineers revved the engine to 5300rpm, proving that the new LS is more refined than the old model from the original commercial, which it later revved to 4000rpm.

Not wanting to come across as smug or smart, Lexus added subtitles to its video:

“We love the fact that one of our owners recreated our original LS 400 commercial.“Thank you to all our passionate owners.”

It’s pretty much the perfect response from the luxury Japanese manufacturer, and it’s great to see that Lexus is confident in its products and not afraid of a challenge.