Honda planning to revive sport line-up

After a lapse spanning nearly a decade, Japanese sport cars are set to make a comeback, led by the success of the Nissan GT-R.
Honda planning to revive sport line-up
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Former Japanese powerhouse Honda is planning a return to its glory days, reviving the cult-classic CR-x, the aging S2000 and the first true Japanese supercar - the Honda NSX.

The first of these revivals has already surfaced, with the CR-Z concept a sign of things to come as the next generation Honda CR-X.

Nearing the end of its development, the next-gen CR-X could appear as early as 2009, largely speculated to feature a 185kW+ hybrid powertrain.

Honda planning to revive sport line-up

With the premium European sports car market still squarely in its sights, the next generation Honda NSX is tipped to feature a new 10-cylinder engine, but as such a crucial statement for the brand, the design is still uncertain.

The new NSX is due to arrive before 2010, and like its newfound nemesis the Nissan GT-R, expect it to feature all-wheel drive.

Finally, having remained relatively unchanged for almost a decade, the Honda S2000 is long overdue for a revamp. The current model dates back to 1999 and is still sold as a new car in some Australian Honda dealerships.

Making its name as the most powerful naturally aspirated four-cylinder sports car, little will be known about the S2000 successor for at least the next 18 months.

One indication of the direction Honda may take with its new S2000 is the special-edition CR model, a final treat for the namesake before its replacement.

Source: MotorAuthority