Video: Porsche 904 GTS driven by Walter Rohrl

Remember the Walter Rohrl video we showed you a couple of weeks ago, the one where Rohrl ended up spinning out on the wet track in the Porsche 904? Porsche has just provided a full-length video of the classic demonstration. And this time, Rohrl doesn't loop it.
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For those of you who don't know, Walter Rohrl is Porsche's chief test driver and a former world rally champion (driving the famous Audi S1 Quattro Group B). Put simply, he is one of the world's top drivers. To celebrate the launch of the new Porsche Cayman S, Porsche held a track demonstration with an old Porsche 904 GTS and handed Rohrl the keys.

Rohrl throws the classic 1964/1965 Porsche 904 GTS around the track like its a part of his everyday routine. The car slides and roars its way from corner to corner in one harmonious dance.

The Porsche 904 GTS features a 2.0-litre flat-four producing around 148kW of power. Acceleration times for 0-100km/h sprints are said to come up in around six seconds while the top speed of the car is around 260km/h. Take a listen below for some on-track close-ups.