Video: 2011 Citroen C3 better equipped than an old bomb

Citroen has released a clever little commercial for the new Citroen C3 to highlight the vehicle’s standard features.
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The advertisement shows the owner of an old no-frills runabout pretending it has all the features of the 2011 C3.Comparatively, the C3 stacks up pretty well, with remote central locking, power windows, seatbelt reminders, stereo system, satellite navigation, power seats and mirrors, front and rear parking sensors and a car alarm all standard in the European specification model.Citroen’s marketing department must wish the choice for small car drivers was this simple: either buy the new C3 or stick with a little yellow gremlin. They would sell millions.Unfortunately, most of its new European competitors offer all the same kit, making the segment slightly harder to dominate.In Australia, the Citroen C3 is available from $19,990 to $26,490, but it misses out on satellite navigation and front parking sensors. Rear sensors are an option on all but the base model.Regardless, it’s all a bit of fun, and a good reminder of all the nice little features we take for granted in modern cars.