McLaren Group's executive chairman Ron Dennis, the brainchild behind the legendary F1 and the new MP4-12C has lost his licence for six months.
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He pleaded guilty to running a red light in September, and due to demerit point accrual, he was given a six-month disqualification from driving. He defended his actions in court, saying he had driven through the red light to avoid a collision with a friend's car following close behind him.

"It was the decision I took for which I realise I'm here to take the penalty, but as I have said I really need my licence," Mr Dennis said while in court. "I have no hardship but I would have a massive amount of trouble not being able to look after my daughter at the weekends."

Mr Dennis was fined £350 and was ordered to pay court costs. We have no doubts he'll be able to find a driver, however.