Nissan GT-R coming to Australia?

It was only 2 days ago I was going on about how Nissan Australia is thinking about bringing the Infiniti brand back to Australia, and along side that article I wrote how this could potentially mean that we will get the new Nissan Skyline GT-R. Although I really shouldn't even call it a skyline anymore since it apparently shares absolutely nothing with the R35 Skyline, according to Nissan design chief Shiro Nakamura :
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"This car has nothing in common with Skyline, not even the door handles and gauges, It doesn't share anything with any Nissan car."

That sounds rather interesting? Surely it shares something with some Nissan car? I suppose Nissan needs the new GT-R to boost its image around the world, and hence have cut no corners. With 350KW of power (yes, 350) I can only imagine the new GT-R will class amongst the supercars once it actually comes out! And when is that happening you ask? Well apparently Japan is the first market for the GT-R around 2007 while the Americans are suppose to get it in 2008. What about us? Well it hasn't been fully confirmed yet. According to Nissan Australia it will consider importing the new model in 2008 if it can find a market and the right price for it. I have some news for Nissan Australia, you are going to have a market! I would sell my house (if I had one) for a brand new GT-R!