Jaguar S-Type Vintage GT by Panzani Design

Italian design studio, Panzani Design, has released images of its new product and brand, called the Vintage GT. The Panzani Vintage GT is based on the Jaguar S-Type from 1999-2008.
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The Jaguar S-Type is generally regarded as a pretty bad egg. It wasn't very attractive, with it's old-school front grille design juxtaposing the relatively handsome body. The S-Type just seemed a bit confused in its design. Is it possible to make the car uglier though? It seems, yes, it is possible.

Although Panzani has completely revised the exterior of the poor-old Jag, the Italian design company hasn't really made things much better. The front end now presents a pointy nose which doesn't seem proportionate to the rest of the car. The pumped guards do give the S-Type a very aggressive stance, giving it more muscles so to speak, but again, it just looks inconsistent with the rest of the body.

Taking a look at the rear, however, you'll find it too has been struck by the same ugly stick Panzani obviously used on the front of the car. It presents a swept-up rear bumper design giving it a huge bum. It also looks a little bit like a Lotus Elise, which is fine for the lightweight sports car, but for a Jaguar sedan, it just doesn't seem to fit.

Panzani hasn't revealed if the Vintage GT is treated to any mechanical changes, but the company does give the interior a semi-tasteful makeover. It incorporates cross-stitched seats, soft suede sections and carbon fibre trimming details throughout.

Of course, we could be wrong. Feel free to tell us what you think of the Panzani Vintage GT in the comments section below.