Courb C-ZEN EV concept at Geneva Motor Show

The 2011 Geneva Motor Show officially comes to a close today, but not before we bring you one final unveiling that flew under the radar for most of the event.
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The Courb C-ZEN electric concept car is a collaborative project between French designer Courb and Texas-based battery supplier Valence Technology.

The C-ZEN (which stands for ‘C’est Zéro Emission Nocive’, French for ‘No Harmful Emissions’) concept at this year’s Geneva show is the second-generation C-ZEN vehicle from Courb.

Powered by a 15kW electric motor and a patented lithium phosphate (LiFeMgPO


) battery pack, the C-ZEN has a range of 205km and has a top speed of 110km/h.

In comparison, the original C-ZEN unveiled at Geneva in 2009 was powered by 12kW electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack, which combined for a range of 160km and a top speed of 95km/h.

2009 Courb C-ZEN

Valence says the C-ZEN complies with regulations of many European cities and is targeted at urban commuters, particularly younger drivers.

The vehicle also looks like it would have potential as a beach basher, with its dune-buggy styling and lightweight construction.

Neither Courb nor Valence have announced any plans for a production version of the C-ZEN, with the focus of the vehicle on its design and engineering elements.