Tata Pixel production for Europe confirmed

Indian vehicle manufacturer Tata Motors has confirmed it will launch a production version of the Tata Pixel concept in the European market following its highly successful unveiling at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show earlier this month.
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Tata initially planned to introduce the Tata Nano Europa – a significantly upgraded and refined version of the standard Nano – throughout Europe, but the brand’s focus for mainstream markets is now on developing the promising Pixel.According to UK publication Autocar, Tata Motors Chairman, Ratan Tata, said the production version of the Pixel will trade the concept’s upwards-pivoting doors for two standard ones and would also undergo significant re-engineering inside from an instrumentation and controls perspective.The concept relied on the driver to connect an iPad-style tablet to control the vehicle’s infotainment, air-conditioning and key vehicle performance data systems. The production vehicle will adopt a more conventional interior design.

One feature that is expected to carry over from concept to production is the Pixel’s Zero Turn toroidal traction-drive Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT), which allows the rear wheels to rotate in opposite directions to enhance low-speed manoeuvrability.

The Pixel’s turning circle is just 2.6 metres, which, incredibly, is smaller than the vehicle itself, which measures around three metres.

Powered by a 1.2-litre three-cylinder diesel engine, the Pixel combines start-stop technology, brake energy regeneration and other mild hybrid technologies for a combined cycle fuel consumption of 3.4 litres/100km and CO


emissions of 89g/km.

The high-tech compact four-seater was one of the surprise packets of the Geneva Motor Show, and represented the brand’s progressive intentions to break away from its cheap, third-world image.

A production date for the Tata Pixel is yet to be confirmed.

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