Saleen production cars end

America sports car maker and tuner, Saleen, has announced it will end all production of vehicles under the Saleen brand in May. The company, now owned by Revstone Industries, will only focus on aftermarket parts and accessories until further notice.
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Up until now the Saleen company used to specialise in making OEM Ford Mustangs and even built its own supercar called the S7 a few years back. It has just been announced though that under new ownership the company wants to end the Saleen brand name and start fresh. A Revstone statement was sent to both existing customers and staff. It said,

“Over the past several years, we have witnessed a lot of confusion around the Saleen brand, due to a number of financial ups and downs and accompanying changes in ownership. The name itself has become the center of countless conversations and debates, detracting from the cars themselves, and from the culture of performance that they both embody and serve."

Revstone says that the main reason it will stop producing cars is because of confusion about the name, and the original founder, Steve Saleen, who sold the company back in 2009. The statement continued,

“Through our conversations with Ford Motor Company and one another, we have come to feel that those things have become overshadowed by questions surrounding the name. So we want to wipe the slate clean, and usher in a new era of American Muscle. We are confident that, in time, you will agree this was the right decision."

Revstone says it will continue making bespoke Ford Mustangs in the future although under a different brand name which is yet to be determined. Bob LaCourciere, president of Revstone Aftermarket, recently said,

"The teams responsible for engineering and development of Saleen bring a level of engineering prowess and passion that is second to none. We want to apply that same talent and dedication to second-stage manufacturing."

Those who have just purchased a Saleen S302 Mustang or any other Saleen are still covered by warranty and other services as per the original deal.