Video: Jaguar XKR-S ad reveals first rolling footage

Jaguar has given the world its first look at the all-new Jaguar XKR-S in motion following the vehicle’s Geneva Motor Show debut last week.
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Even though the video only has the potential to connect with two of your five senses, the 1:49 high-definition clip excites to a level well beyond 40 percent.The electric blue paint, the black alloys, the pumped guards, the front and rear spoilers – from a visual perspective the list just goes on.Then there’s the sound of the thing. Powered by a 5.0-litre direct-injection supercharged V8, the hottest big cat ever produces 405kW of power and 680Nm of torque, and has that sweet combination of low-down rumble and high-rev scream.Jaguar says it will open international orders for the vehicle in September, and prices in Australia are expected to come in at around $300,000 or below.For the full specs of the Jaguar XKR-S, have a read of our coverage from its unveiling at Geneva.