We’ve seen plenty of the all-wheel drive Ferrari FF over the past month, with the unique shooting brake design splashed all over the net, and extensively on our own site.
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But the FF’s interior, while not a secret, has been rather more elusive than the exterior. Until now.

In Ferrari’s latest photo shoot of the FF in the Italian manufacturer’s second home, Abu Dhabi, the brown leather interior is revealed in stunning detail.

It shows the tremendous contrast of the dashboard, with its black and brown upholstery, highlighted with flecks of colour, ranging from the silver inserts to the red, yellow and green of the dials, lights and instruments.

The rear seats are a much more consistent design, and appear to offer just as much bolstering and support as the front seats.

Continuing the theme, the boot is loaded with brown leather golf bags, travelling bags and suitcases, swallowing more luggage than any Ferrari before it.

Although we’re used to seeing red Ferraris flying around racetracks, the FF looks just as menacing in the deserts of Abu Dhabi.

The image of the FF in front of the roller coaster at new Ferrari World theme park is a brilliant depiction of the diverse and exciting future the Prancing Horse brand has in store for us.

As we reported yesterday, 2011’s allocation of the Ferrari FF has sold out, so if you’re not on the list already, you’ll be waiting until at least 2012 to experience that gorgeous interior in person.

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