2011 Growler E production confirmed

Remember the stunning Growler E Jaguar E-Type remake concept we reported on a few weeks ago? Well, it seems the car has since gathered enough interest for the company behind its creation to produce a limited run.
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Various sources from around the world have been speaking with the car's company spokesman, Robert Palm. He spoke about the car's production in a recent AUSmotive report, saying,

"The first car will be ready in the summer next year if planning goes as expected. More cars will take approximately six months each to build and not more than three or four cars can be built simultaneously with the current structure."If demand is overwhelming, we might contract specialists like Steyr in Austria or Valmet in Finland. But really it’s too early to say right now."

It's pretty incredible that this car is actually ready to go. The only aspect Vizualtech and Robert Palm are yet to finalise is the interior. To top off the Growler E package, the interior would have to be equipped with a tasteful decor complete with wood veneers, subtle chrome trimming details and above all, showcase a quintessentially British atmosphere. Palm said,

"The interior is still under development, we don’t have suitable pictures of it. But I can already tell you it will be as stunning as the exterior. Even if most components are taken from the XKR, it will be hard to tell at first sight."

Since the original Jaguar E-Type was considered to be a proper sports car, you'd expected a modern take on the fine classic to be a rather expensive one. And you'd be right. The good thing about the price, however, is the more people that invest in this sure-to-be future classic, the cheaper the initial outlay will be. Palm said,

"Pricing depends on production, hand-made cars may cost between 750,000 and a million euro each ($1,036,441 to $1,381,922). If small series production is started, the price may be around 500,000 euro. The very first car will cost a lot, lot more."

So if money isn't really an issue for you - and for this, it shouldn't be - then you can be the lucky first buyer to get things going.