Aston Martin DBX design study

Say hello to the Aston Martin DBX design concept. It was developed by two 21-year-old industrial design students from Poland. The car represents a shift away from Aston Martin's current design language but at the same time you can see the Aston Martin heritage shining through.
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Offering plenty of straight-cut lines and angles, the Aston Martin DBX study was developed taking much of its inspiration from the Aston Martin One-77. It presents similar rear haunch contours and showcases the same side window shape as the current crop of Astons. It's all very modernised though, looking very futuristic and sharp.

The nose steps far away from Aston's current design and features an almost Mustang-like bonnet layout. The headlights are truly something and step away from the traditional cluster type many manufacturers have been using for decades.

From the rear it is quite easy to tell that this concept was developed as an Aston as it uses a very familiar bootlid design and taillight set-up that continues from the left side to the right.

It's interesting, to say the least, but perhaps a little too sharp and highly-strung for an Aston Martin. What do you think?