Although Ford is yet to officially reveal any details about the new engine to feature in the upcoming diesel Ford Territory (sans the engine size and capacity - 2.7-litre V6), a marketing billboard has let fuel consumption details slip and backs up the estimated calculations in our previous story.
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The billboard reads, "1000km, one tank? Get out of town." The fine print states "Based on High Series RWD 6.5L/100km ADR81/02 (extra urban cycle).

Our previous story suggested that if the Territory weighs in at around 500kg less than a Land Rover Discovery4 with the same engine, it's likely to consume around 20% less. This results in highway fuel consumption of 6.5L/100km and city fuel consumption of 9.82L/100km, resulting in an estimated combined fuel consumption of 8.16L/100km.

8.16L/100km is in stark contrast to the numbers obtained during our recent Territory Turbo test, which saw the car averaging almost double that figure.

To see more information about the new Ford Territory, check out our recent Territory post, which reveals all the official details.