BMW Documentaries has released the final episode in its thought-provoking four-part Wherever You Want To Go series.
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Part four is entitled ‘How We’ll Learn To Stop Worrying And Love The Future’ and looks at what the future holds from a mobility perspective and the possibilities that lay ahead.The film focuses on ideal mobility – perfect transport – and how people’s views of this are different.

“My dream transportation is one in which I don’t have to pay any attention at all and I can be online all the time.” – Robin Chase, co-founder and former CEO, Zipcar and Goloco.“I really want something lightweight, maybe even like a little bubble car.” – Marissa Mayer, vice president consumer products, Google.“I need a tach, I need a speedometer, and give me a fuel gauge. I’ll get where I need to go.” – Mike Musto, Editor-in-Chief, RideLust“My dream would be cars that are completely adaptive, that breath with me. If I need a function I can have it on demand.” – Laurenz Schaffer, President BMW Group DesignworksUSA.“Taking the car through magnetic suspension. It will drive onto this and it will move itself.” – Buzz Aldrin, second man on the moon.“It’s got to have a rocket in it. As long as it has a rocket in it I’m good with that.” – George Whitesides, CEO Virgin Galactic.

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Parts One and Two of the Wherever You Want To Go series can be seen here, and Part Three can be viewed here.