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Like many other manufacturers, Porsche is taking its new models up to northern Scandinavia for winter testing. Of course we had already sent our photographer there, disguised in the bushes waiting for the cars to drive past.

What you see here is the upcoming, face-lifted, Porsche Cayman. The 2009 Cayman will receive a revised front bumper with LED daylight driving-lights as well as re-designed and much rounder air intakes.

Facelifted Porsche Cayman spy photos

The rear also gets a new bumper as well as completely new taillights with LEDs. The interior is also expected to receive some improvements.

Facelifted Porsche Cayman spy photos

There are no leaks from inside Porsche to aid us about technical specifications but power is expected to increase ever so slightly.

Facelifted Porsche Cayman spy photos

More details closer to the release date.