Video: Walter Rohrl spins Porsche 904

Walter Rohrl proved that sometimes even the strongest monkeys fall from trees when he recently took a US Autoblog journalist for a spin in a 1965 Porsche 904 sports car on a wet track, and spun it.
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The spin occurred at a recent Porsche Cayman S launch in Spain. The company had its chief test driver, Walter Rohrl, taking the international media for hot laps in the historic Porsche 904 to celebrate the launch.

It seems Rohrl was having a little bit of trouble getting the power down in the high-powered racer and consequently spun out on one of the track's turns during a wet run.

Rohrl is human after all, and even came up with a few excuses, saying that the 904 isn't fitted with the best tyres, relating them to ones typically seen on a Volkswagen Beetle. He says the old-fashioned rims on the vehicle make it hard to fit better tyres.

Take a look below. It does showcase some fine driving by the master, and just listen to that 904 flat six.