Toyota HiAce Turbo Diesel 2007

Yep, news is a little slow, so I am writing about Vans, more specifically, I am writing about the new 2007 Toyota HiAce Turbo Diesel Van. I guess its not too boring, for anyone interested in buying a new HiAce, you'd be happy to know that Toyota has given teh HiAce a new release on life with a a 3.0-litre intercooler-equipped high-pressure direct-injection engine. The Toyota 1KD-FTV engine has 26Nm more torque at lower engine revolutions than the 2.5-litre Turbo-diesel engine it supersedes in all HiAce Turbo-diesel models.
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It will be fitted to all HiAce Turbo-diesel models from October 2006 production, so we should see it towards the end of the year. The 3.0-litre engine has 5kW more power than the non-intercooled engine it supersedes in HiAce LWB Turbo-diesel models. The Toyota 1KD-FTV engine delivers 80kW of power at 3000rpm and 286Nm of torque from 1200 to 1600rpm.

It meets Euro IV emission requirements and has already been proved in Australia in Toyota HiLux. Toyota HiAce turbo-diesel recommended retail pricing starts from $34,940 RRP* for the LWB van. Petrol model pricing begins at $32,240 RRP* for the 2.7-litre LWB van.

HiAce Turbo-diesel's 1KD-FTV engine is matched to a larger-diameter clutch in manual transmission models. It can also be matched to the electronically controlled Toyota A343E transmission in automatic models.

Toyota says that the introduction of the 1KD-FTV engine is part of a broad technical upgrade to the Toyota HiAce range of vans and commuter buses from October 2006 production. Other Improvements also include Euro IV emissions compliance for the VVT-i equipped 2.7-litre 2TR-FE petrol engine.

In addition, upgraded HiAce has a range of new security, comfort and convenience features. All HiAce models now have an engine immobiliser and illuminated ignition key lock. Interior upgrades include the adoption of front passenger seat recline adjustment on all van models.

HiAce Commuter bus models adopt front passenger seat slide adjustment and a centre console from October production. Front mud flaps, a rear under-mirror and fabric and vinyl-covered sun visors are now standard equipment across the HiAce range.