Bertone B99 Jaguar Concept unveiled at Geneva

Remember the Bertone B99 Concept we showed you last week in sketch form? Well, Bertone has unveiled the magnificent B99 Concept in full at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.
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It's fair to say that the Bertone B99 was perhaps one of the star attractions in the concept car range at the show, as far as all-new designs go. The only 'problem' with it we thought was the ride height. It just looks like there is a little bit too much room in between the tyres and the wheel arches, for a show car anyway.

Nonetheless, the Bertone B99 Concept looks stunning and it does a great job of helping Jaguar celebrate its 99-year anniversary. From the front, the car is encrusted with LED low-profile headlights and presents a bespoke open-mouth grille and a traditional Jaguar hood ornament.

The B99 also gets reverse-opening rear doors so there's no B-pillar. Although it's not generally considered the safest option getting rid of the B-pillar, the idea of opening the car up like a big mansion with double doors is rather cool. It's made even more elegant thanks to their frameless layout.

The Bertone B99 is not just a visual showcase either as it's powered by an interesting, environmentally-conscious, powertrain as well. Using two 150kW motors stationed inside the rear axle housings, the B99 can be driven as a full electric, zero-tailpipe-emission vehicle.

Providing charge to the batteries for the electric motors is a range-extending 1.4-litre, 125kW petrol engine. When driven under full power, the B99 has the potential to output a colossal 425kW. It can also be driven in full-electric mode providing a range of 100km - or 700km when the range-extending motor is utilised.

As previously reported, the Bertone B99 Concept is built to resemble a possible future Jaguar X-Type model. If Jaguar does take any inspiration from the B99 for the upcoming BMW 3 Series rival it plans to make, it could sell very well indeed.

Images courtesy of carscoop